The idea itself is pretty crazy, I mean who would have thought that you can mix such things as soccer and cars, right? What does one thing have to do with another? Absolutely nothing actually, but this is the gaming world, people with creative minds hang out here so what might seem madness for some can actually make total sense for gamers. With all that being said, I want to present you extraordinary online game – Rocket League(now available in unblocked mode as well).

In this game you control your vehicle, you drive on the football field and your job is to score the goal, there is one really huge ball on the field and a lot of different players are trying to score the goal. The game is really thrilling, there are a lot of car crashes, a lot of action, adrenaline, etc. We will cover other aspects of the game as well, but to summarize: in this game, you control your car, you have to target a giant ball on the field and score as many goals as you can, simple as that.

One of my favorite features of the game actually, here you can customize a lot of different parameters of your vehicle, change color, and body parts, add special effects, and make other improvements which in the end lead to higher chances of success.

Car shop
As the game progress and you earn more points you can switch from your basic vehicle to a better one, something more robust, and precise. Visit a car shop when the time is right and you will have an opportunity to buy cool cars. You also need levels to buy top cars, or you can visit the black market to avoid leveling.

Game modes
There are two main modes in the game: league and quick play. Depending on your game style you can either prefer the first one or the second, quick play is as simple as it sounds, you click this mode and you are instantly on the field playing your game, no rules, no complications, nothing, just pure action.

As it goes for the league, here you have various seasons, championships, tournaments, etc. You can check various teams in this mode, different roadmaps, and check the status of your own team, seasons, etc. Everything looks professional in this mode and it is something that true gamers would appreciate.

There is only one rule to this game, win the round, it ends as soon as one of the teams’ scores a goal at the opponent’s gate. A car crash is not a problem, breaking rules and playing dirty is not an issue as well. The game is very simple and has a clear objective, score goals no matter what.

If you love thrilling games then Rocket League Unblocked is the right game for you. You can also invite friends and enjoy it together, one thing that I know for sure is that games are always a lot more enjoyable whenever you play them with your friends. With that being said, scroll up, hit that play button, and enjoy your time on the field scoring goals over and over again.