We are a global community of games, our goal is quite simple and straightforward: we want to build a friendly gaming community, bring more people with similar interests and help them to enjoy their favorite online games together. As you can see our goal is as simple as it can get, we are open, we are friendly and we have big plans which we will cover further below.

So, our plans, we want to further expand our community, we want to involve more people, and in order to do it we are looking forward to an opening forum on our blog as well as writing more gaming guides to attract more attention from different gaming communities.

The forum is a pretty huge challenge, due to technical difficulties we are looking forward to finding more developers, and people with experience in web design. Just in case if any of you have experience in this subject please use our contact form to get in touch with us.

We mentioned articles before, we are writing various gaming articles to help our readers to get more experience with different games, for example how to beat tough bosses, how to finish dungeons, how to complete 25 men heroic raids, etc. We have exclusive content and new ways to make it easier for our gamers to succeed.

Also, apart from guides we also cover new game releases, there are tons of awesome online games getting released every single month and sadly a lot of people are not aware of them. We are doing our best to present you with top choices, we are pretty sure that you will love our taste in games.

What else is there…? I guess that is all that I wanted to tell you for now, of course, this is not everything yet, we come up with new ideas over and over again, we are changing we move forward and we are getting better. Constant progress, that is and we really hope you will love our job and our work.

Hope to see you more around and hope we can make our community bigger.